Black granite. Let me introduce you the black granite from Karelia, Russia, the scientific name of which is gabro diabaz. Its density is 3100 kg per cubic meter. This is more than ordinary granite which density varies within 2700 kg per cubic meter. Our black granite is stronger and therefore more durable. Unlike most Ukrainian granites, it does not contain additional inclusions. It is the black granite from Karelia that is used on the territory of Russia and Belarus for the manufacture of monuments on graves. In these countries, there is a tradition to engrave a portrait of the deceased on the monument. PHOTO LINK It is absolutely voraciously that such portraits have been kept in perfect condition on our stone for decades. It is clear that this also testifies to the strength of the stone and the absence of extraneous chemical impurities in it. For example, there is no iron in it, and if it were there, the portrait would be clogged with rust.

Right here CERTIFICATE. Here you can see certificates for our black granite and data on its radioactivity.

In addition to ritual products, black granite as a stone is completely suitable for any other product. It goes without saying that our black granite is allowed for all types of construction work. In Russia it is constantly used for external and internal decoration. Of course, primarily we advertise our black granite for ritual products. As for borders and paving slabs, you can order their manufacture from other stones. You should understand right away, that not everyone considered this kind of granite to be completely black. A stone similar to it is called impala China, impala Africa, impala black. Our stone is not registered under any international name at the moment. Therefore, you can simply call it gabro diabaz from Karelia. In any case, our photos clearly show its real color. You may have no doubt that our black granite has a natural color; it is not impregnated with anything and is not tinted.


Our company is located in Petrozavodsk. It is the capital of Karelia, Russia. It has been involved in the extraction and processing of natural stone for a very long time.

 Here is shown the level of our work.

We make any kind of products from Karelian granite. If necessary, we can manufacture the product with an accuracy of millimeters. We have

granites that are exclusive in your country and guarantee their world-class quality.

 Here you can see the stones that we use.

But, in any case, the main stone for all local manufacturers is Karelian black granite (gabro diabaz).

Our English-speaking employee will answer all the questions by the phone +7 953 529 09 08. You can write to us at


· We are located on the border with the EU.

· We always have the opportunity to quickly produce the desired volume of products and also quickly send the goods to the buyer.

· We work on high-precision and productive equipment.

Вот тут ссылка Here you can see photos of the equipment.

· We have the ability to process many different types of Karelian granite in industrial volumes regularly.

· Here you can see all the Karelian granites we work with.

· We are also actively cooperating with manufacturers from Ukraine and, if necessary, we are ready to supply you with any Ukrainian granite as well as Karelian one.

· Moreover, we undertake to perform work of any complexity. Petrozavodsk is the center of the stone processing industry throughout Russia, so we have enough specialists. Granite countertops, columns, balusters, fireplaces and exclusive monuments to the graves at prices significantly lower than European ones. You can order from us ANY product from granite.


It is obvious that we cannot provide you right now with the prices for the products of the shapes and sizes you need. Therefore, we will indicate prices, for an example, for 2020. Here are a few options for monuments made of black granite material.

Vertical steles polished on five sides 120/60/10 cm and 80/50/8

Horizontal steles polished from 5 sides, 140/80/10 cm and 80/60/8

Granite slab polished on five sides 100/50/5 cm


First of all, we need a specification for the products you need with detailed drawings and descriptions.

Secondly, you must take into account that, if you are satisfied with the price, according to the contract, the work can begin only after a substantial deposit is transferred to us.

Thirdly, at any time for the confirmation of the current work we provide photo and video reports on the degree of readiness of your products.

Fourthly, when your products are ready, we wait for the remaining money and begin customs clearance.

At last, you can come to get acquainted with us and examine the situation before signing the contract, or come to inspect the products that have already done for you, or you may not come at all. This will not affect the quality of your ordered items. In any case, you will receive products of the highest world level.


There’s no doubt that our Karelian black granite is an excellent, beautiful and strong material.

We use high quality equipment.

We have an experienced staff.

We value our reputation therefore we guarantee accuracy and decency in everything.

Call the English-speaking employee at +7 953 529 09 08 or write us





Black granite
Black granite
памятники из гранита